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What is an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms

An escape room is a one-hour adventure where you and your friends put your wits to the test to solve puzzles, match combinations, and defeat brainteasers to accomplish small goals and reveal hidden rooms while you eventually try to finish the final clue or accomplish the themed goal.

Not hooked yet? Okay, let’s give you an example…

You walk into your escape room and you see a phone booth. The phone has a dial tone but you’re not sure what to do with it. You look around the escape room for clues. You find a 3 Musketeers candy wrapper with an expiration date of 2004. You find a number 2 pencil that has the numbers 302 written on it. You also find a championship photo that says “We’re #1” and the three main people have numbers visible on their jerseys. From right to left the jerseys read: 3-9-1. You may also find some other clues like small sheets of paper that have pieces missing and some compact discs.

In this fictional escape room, your goal is to figure out how to escape. You know the numbers are important but you’re not sure how. It doesn’t look like you can determine a use for the small pieces of paper and the compact discs so you focus on the numbers. You realize that there are 10 numbers in total which would make a phone number and then you’re excited! You just need to determine the order of the phone number and perhaps you’ll progress to the next puzzle in this escape room. Then, you look at the other numbers associated to the clues: “3 Musketeers, a number 2 pencil, “We’re #1!” and then it dawns on you that they gave you the order of the phone number! You punch those numbers into the phone and then a small compartment opens to review a few pieces of paper that just so happen to fit perfectly in those missing pieces you already found…

That, in essence, is how an escape room scenario could begin. That’s just one clue and the escape room can have 10 – 40 different puzzles to solve (depending on the size of group and difficulty level). Escape rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from children’s escape rooms to adult-only escape rooms that are designed to scare your group over and over and put you off balance.

The one common theme in all escape rooms is that you’re solving puzzles and finding clues. The more organization that your group employs while looking at problems, the more successful your group will be. You should give it a shot. Start solving the puzzles in our Orlando, FL escape rooms to join in on the fun!